Virgin to Virgin Lawsuit

What a mess. It looks like Virgin is within it’s legal rights, aside from maybe attributing the photographer. But it also presents a PR problem. Rather than hiding behind legalese, they ought to be doing what is right. Stand firm on their right to use the work, but immediately pull it down and offer their apologies with some free tickets for the whole family to Sydney. And hire a pro photographer next time!

NBC To Offer TV Downloads

NBC announced their shows will be available for download within a week of of their broadcast. Vivi Zigler, EVP of NBC Digital claims this “high quality video experience” is to give people the power to watch shows when they want.

Uh, no.

1) The shows will have interstitial ads that cannot be skipped. Hmm, kinda like those annoying 30s commercials in front of every 2 minute clip at Jay Leno’s Garage? What a way to kill content and associate annoyance with your advertiser’s brands.

2) NBC severed ties with Apple iTunes where it’s demonstrated that people will pay a small fee to play a show truly on their own terms.

3) This is better than TiVo how? In the same way red lights on surface streets are cheaper than toll-roads?

Knockdown: Online Pay-For-View

There has long been a battle for the best model of monetizing web content: Ad revenue vs paid subscriptions. The New York Times online is dropping their member-only content, making most of the site free and looking to boost income from ads.

Bout time. It’s the nature of the medium. Subscriptions and blended paid + ad models have their place, but I think this will prove to be a smart move. Ironic how newspapers, who found success in selling print ads, are the late adopters to online advertising. Granted, they let each model play out. And now with proven technologies in place, it will be interesting to see how the NYT leverage their assets to attract online media buyers.

What is a Tumbleblog?

I first heard the term last year when William Hurley (aka whurley) and I briefly discussed a tumbleblog under his development. Dave Taylor provides a good definition.

I have 12+ years of interactive experience and a loose k-base of knowledge floating between my ears. I need a better way to “jot down” my cool sites, ideas, tips, tidbits, oddities and links. Browser bookmarks are inefficient. Social bookmarking sites are cumbersome. A personal forum is too tedious. Good blogs are too polished. Twitter is closer to what I have in mind, but I need more space to brain dump.

Jason Kottke captures the spirit of tumbleblogs well.

We’ll see how this one evolves.